San Francisco, The City by the Bay, is known world-wide as a bastion of tolerance for alternative lifestyles and political activism. The City is also a financial mecca on the cutting edge of technology and a tourist destination steeped in the stories of the past. The Shadows of the City hide many secrets and conflicts. These include the struggles of New versus Old, the Muses and Monsters which have shaped history, and despite putting forward a happy face to world, those who reside here quicken their steps when the weather cools and glance nervously over their shoulders fearing that There’s Something in the Fog.

You are among those few who know that something lurks in the fog. You know the shadows hide secrets. You know that the muses and the monsters are often one in the same. Most of those with your knowledge huddle together for protection from that which lurks in the dark. You, however, are driven to act, to take a role, to become a player in the game. What that role is remains to be seen. Will your actions lessen or deepen the Shadows of the City?

Special thanks to the Undertown RPG Group for sharing their Dresden Files San Franciso Setting which is being tapped for this campaign.

Shadows of The City

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