Shadows of The City

Fun and Ghouls

Hearing a call for help when leaving City Lights, our protagonists ran off into the night to see what was wrong. They interrupted a ghoul hunting a young woman. They were able to save the potential victim and slay the ghoul just as police arrived on the scene. Jimmy fled the scene while Amanda and Valentina used Veils to hide themselves and the ghouls body from the police. After the authorities departed, they dumped the body down a storm drain.

The next day they began investigation into ghouls and other supernatural predators in the city and then decided they needed to check out the ghoul’s body. Entering the storm drain, they found signs of the body being drug off into an older branch tunnel of brick construction where there were signs of the body being consumed. Suddenly they were enveloped in a supernatural darkness from which unseen creatures began attacking. Our trio managed to make their way back to street level still pursued by their relentless attackers. Valentina ignited a pocket of gas which blasted the attackers out of the sewer and into a nearby streetlight’s beam, where they promptly disolved into ectoplasm. Valentina was able to identify the creatures as a pair of Hobs.

Now knowing that the older sections of the tunnels under the city have connection to the Nevernever, they conclude that this can easily allow supernatural predators to reach anywhere in the City. Our trio retires to their homes to get some sleep and think about what they want to do now.


JohnThompson JohnThompson

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