Shadows of The City

Simon Says...

Amanda is contacted by a bail-bondsman, Feliciano Hernandez, to locate a skip. It’s a young, upper crust kid who got drunk and tried to steal from a “funny book” store in Japantown. He was held overnight, posted his own bail in the morning and then missed his court date.

Valentina‘s landlady, Maria, apologetically gives her a courier delivery that she accidentally misplaced. It’s from James David Shaw and he wants her to do him a favor as he’s still in LA dealing with Elizabeta’s problem. Simon was arrested and she just needs to make sure he makes his court date, which was yesterday.

Amanda contacts Valentina, noted in Simon’s file as his nearest relative, and they begin looking for him. Amanda summons a ghost to help her and gets Mary Ellen Pleasant, who agrees to help in exchange for a favor. Mary Ellen locates Simon’s room and tells Amanda that he’s not inside. Valentina hexes the lock and investigation leads Amanda to conclude that Simon had recently pulled off a successful con in Seattle and was in San Francisco to start working the same formula, but has been enjoying his score while doing research. After making sure he’s not turned up in a hospital or the morgue, they decide to check out Invasion Comics, where his alleged theft occured. They decide to bring in Jimmy Watanabe since he’s more familiar with Japantown than either of them.

Jimmy arrives at the comic store first and makes a good first impression on Simon Tanaka-Smith. The ladies show up and after Jimmy allays some suspicion, Simon Tanaka-Smith gives them his story of what happened.

Simon showed up at Invasion Comics intoxicated. While there he saw an attractive girl and made a bee-line for her. Simon Tanaka-Smith tried to stop Simon but he was not paying attention. Simon Tanaka-Smith called the police and accused Simon of attempted theft, for which he was arrested.

Simon Tanaka-Smith did so because the girl was Yumi Nakada, the girlfriend of Kenji Morita, cousin of Yony Morita who leads the J-Town Rat Pack, a Yakuza affiliated gang. He didn’t want the poor guy to get killed. His quick plan was that the guy would spend a night in lock-up to get sober and then he would drop all charges, catch the guy on the way out of the courthouse and let him know how close he came to getting seriously hurt or dead. Problem: the guy didn’t show for court.

At this point Valentina opts to try a locator spell and it works, leading her not into Japantown but to the Marina district where the trail ends at Pandora. Valentina asks to speak to Antonia Valetta. After introductions, Valentina learns that Simon is there and is taken to him. Turns out that he was just enjoying himself so much that he didn’t realize how much time had passed. He still thought his court date was tomorrow.

So, Simon goes back to jail with Amanda, who gets the bounty. Jimmy successfully chatted up the receptionist at Pandora, a potentially useful contact, while Valentina was inside. Valentina bails her brother out but makes him stay with her until Shaw gets back, which is fine with him as he burnt all his money at Pandora. Finally, Toni Valetta met the new White Court Wizard in town and learned said wizard has a brother who is ripe for future manipulation.


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