Amanda Lexington

Focused Practitioner. She is 5'7" Strawberry blonde with blue eyes



High concept— Haunted Bounty Hunter
Trouble — The Dead Will Not Stop Talking

Other Aspects
Social Outcast
Justice Before Law
Make It Fit
Knowing When I’m Outgunned
Playing In The Pool


Alertness 3
Athletics 3
Investigation 4
Imtimidation 2
Guns 2
Contacts 1
Discipline 4
Stealth 2
Deceit 1
Conviction 3
Might 1
Lore 2
Empathy 1
Endurance 1

Ghost Speaker -1
Channeling -2 Ghost
Ritual -2
Wizard’s Constitution 0
The Sight -1

Allies: Sunshine,
Neutrals: Martin Angelo Meyer, Daniel Berresford, Jamal Walker
Rivals: Stephanie Adams, Frank Garaldo,

I have always been surrounded by death. My father was a homicide detective and my mother was a forensic pathologist. These two career choices makes for interesting dinner talk. My parents are both retired now. They call me from time to time to get their fix. They miss the action and excitment surrounding a case. I also have them to help with my cases. I am lucky to have them. I don’t know too many parents who would be able to talk about murder with their child. I almost forgot to mention that I also see dead people. I am what you would call an ectomancer. It means that I have learned to control the ghost or spirit. I use my talent and the ghosts to solve cases. I may look like I’m in control now, but the ghosts made for an interesting childhood. I have always been able to see the dead. Some ghosts hung around me for so long that they became my friends. My parents seemed to write it off that I had an overactive imagination. I remember being confused by the fact that I was the only one who could see them. My brother and my sister could not see the ghosts either. My sister, Heather, is married and is a middle school teacher. She has two small children. My brother, Steve, is a psychologist. i think he chose this field to be able to help his “crazy” baby sister. I am not the one who needs the help. He is the one who needs to work on his people skills. He is on his second divorce. I had a terrible time when I was in school. I tried real hard to live a normal life. It was hard keeping school and the ghosts separate. People thought I talked to myself all the time. I guess I came across has a little creepy. I never had any real friends while I was in school. I guess it was hard for the kids to see past the craziness that was my life. I think that I turned out okay, right? I had to learn on my own for the most part how to deal with my powers. I had to do alot of research and found a few people to help on my way. We have all been told that dead men tell no tales. I wish that were true…..sometimes. Some ghosts are good, and no, they do not look like Casper the friendly ghost. These ghost just want someone to pass on information for them. I don’t mind helping them. I enjoy helping them finish their earthly business so they can go to where ever ghosts go. The ghosts that I dislike are the ones who think the world, God, or the Universe owes them something because they were taken before their time. These are the ones who drive me crazy. I always do my best to make sure that everyone receives justice and receives truth. I followed in my father’s footsteps and became a detective. I started off as a force to be reckon with. My partner Jim Blasko and I were solving cases left and right. Jim is good man and a very smart cop. We used his smarts and my gut feelings to get the job done. If Jim knew what I really was, then he never let on. He knew to give me my alone time at each crime scene. I hated leaving the force. I tried to get the job done but it was hard with all the limitations. I still have a few friends on the the force. They could sense my talents and were happy to use them. I am not going to stop helping just because I am off the force. It sort of frees me up a bit. I also have more time to read and help myself improve. What more could I ask for?

Amanda Lexington

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