Antonia "Toni" Valetta

White Court Madame


Motivation: I always get my way
Face of: Pandora
High Concept
White Court Madame
Other Aspects
Daddy’s Little Princess; Sensual Intelligence; I Love a Bad Boy, or Girl; Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows; Pleasure is my Business
Alertness: Good (3)
Athletics: Good (3)
Contacts: Average (1)
Deceit: Superb (5)
Discipline: Good (3)
Endurance: Good (3)
Fists: Fair (2)
Intimidation: Fair (2)
Performance: Average (1)
Presence: Great (4)
Rapport: Great (4)
Resources: Fair (2)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Stealth: Fair (2)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Sex Appeal (Rapport): add 2 to seduction attempts for receptive target
Linguist (Scholarship): add 4 to Scholarship for languages
Emotional Vampire [-1]
Human Guise [-0]
Incite Emotion (At Range, Lasting Emotion)[-3]
Feeding Dependency (1) affecting the following powers:
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
The Catch (0) is True Love
Mental 4
Physical 4
Social 4
Hunger 4
Languages: Fluent in Greek, Latin, Turkish, ancient Etruscan, ancient Sumerian, Japanese, and American English.
Antonia incites, and feeds on, lust.
Total Refresh Cost: -11


Calling Antonia Valetta sexy is like calling a flamethrower warm. The 5’9" owner and CEO of Pandora Entertainment is a Mediterranean bombshell; and even that doesn’t really do her justice. Short, tousled dark hair that seems to have just gotten out of bed (and invites you to take her back.) Dark, mesmerizing eyes and full, sensual lips. And it really just gets better from there.

Antonia grew up on her father’s estates in Thessaly, where she was treated like royalty by both her father and the estate staff. The staff of the estate were from a number of regions, and Antonia became fascinated with languages, spending her time learning as many as she could. Her fairytale life came to an abrupt end, however, when she was forced to flee Thessaly with her father and brother at the end of the Greek War of Independence.

When her father moved her to San Francisco, Antonia became his main source of intelligence. Prostitution was rampant in the city, and she blended in with the other working girls, using her powers to pump her customers for information, or make them more receptive to becoming agents for her father. She became well-known in the red light districts of San Francisco. Her customers started calling her “Mary Magdalene” or just “Mary”, because she always wore a crucifix, a habit she continues to this day.

With the defeat of the Red Court, Antonia left her “Mary” persona behind and scaled up her operations, becoming a madame instead of a working girl. She rented space in a small building in the newly-established Marina neighborhood, and “persuaded” the best, most attractive girls in the city to work for her. The fame of her establishment grew, and soon she was hosting the rich and powerful of San Francisco. She convinced her father to use her establishment and his own powers of persuasion to insinuate himself into the political circles of the city. The plan succeeded wildly, culminating in the Summer of Love.

Afterwards, Antonia decided it was time to go legitimate, at least mostly. She already owned most of the block where her business was based. She acquired the remaining buildings, had the block leveled, and Pandora Entertainment was born. On the surface, the company provides models, acting talent, and paid escorts to a variety of customers in the San Francisco area. Underneath, it’s the most exclusive brothel in the city, with a client list including the cream of political and social circles in San Francisco. Antonia maintains ownership of the company through a number of holding firms.

Antonia "Toni" Valetta

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