Charles Houghton

Wiccan High Priest


Motivation: I want to make the Wiccan community better
Face of: Wiccans
High Concept
Wiccan High Priest
Other Aspects
Money Isn’t Everything; Party Like it’s 1899; Bookworm; Linda is my Lifeline
Contacts: Average (1)
Investigation: Fair (2)
Lore: Great (4)
Performance: Average (1)
Resources: Good (3)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Occultist (Lore): add 1 to Lore when researching occult topics; add 2 when researching Wicca.
High Quality Workspace (Resources): Charles’ personal library may be used for scholarly or arcane research of Fair (2) quality that focuses on Wicca.
Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Perform research 2 time increments quicker.
Scholar (Scholarship): add 1 to Scholarship when researching occult topics; add 2 when researching Wicca.
Mental 2
Physical 2
Social 2
Charles maintains a personal library at his house that is the envy of the Wiccan community.
Total Refresh Cost: -2 (Pure Mortal)


Charles Houghton is one half of the leadership of the Wiccan community in San Francisco. His wife, Linda, is the other half. Charles’ father made his money in real estate, and Charles inherited it when his father passed away. Charles wasn’t really interested in the real estate business; his interests lay in Wicca and arcane studies. As a result, he mostly ignored his fiances, and was in a gradual slide toward bankruptcy. However, that changed when he met and married Linda, whose family is in the banking industry. Linda has been good for Charles in a number of ways. She helped him to turn his financial situation around, for one. She helped him to become a power in the Wiccan community, for another. Linda is also a Wiccan, and most agree it was adding her power to his that created the opportunity to become High Priest and Priestess. And they’ve been a good choice. Charles may not be the sharpest when it comes to finances, but he cares deeply about Wicca in San Francisco. And Linda balances him by keeping an eye on the bottom line; both their personal one, as well as that of the community.

Charles tends to carry a little too much weight on his 5’10" frame, but it’s not due to laziness. He simply gets so involved in his interests (most of which revolve around Wicca) that other things slide. When he’s discussing Wicca, it’s easy to see the passion in his dark eyes; that is, as long as his generally unkempt, medium-length brown hair doesn’t get in front of them. Charles believes the height of fashion occurred sometime around 1890, and despite Linda’s best efforts his outfits invariably include an ascot.

Charles Houghton

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