Christian Sanders

Patrol Special Police Officer


Christian owns a Patrol Special Police business that operates near the financial district. (

He has about twenty officers that report to him, and a variety of clients that range from law firms to mom-and-pop businesses. He treats them all with respect. Christian keeps a close ear to the street, and there’s not much that escapes his notice. In his free time, he runs a youth league that offers everything from basketball leagues to karate classes for disadvantaged kids.

Christian met Val a few months ago. He’s taken her out for drinks a few times, and he’d like to advance the friendship to something more. She’s asked him to show her a few things about self-defense, maybe take her to the shooting range. He’ll do so because he wants to spend more time with her, but he doesn’t get why a woman like her needs to worry about things like that.

There’s something about Val that he just doesn’t understand.


Christian Sanders

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