Colin Finn

Adventurer for Hire


Motivation: I’m carryin’ on the family tradition
Face of: Finn’s Emporium
High Concept
Adventurer for Hire
Other Aspects:
For God and Clan Finn; Kiss Me Blarney Stones!; The School of Hard Knocks; You Call This Archeology?
Alertness: Great (4)
Athletics: Great (4)
Contacts: Good (3)
Conviction: Average (1)
Empathy: Fair (2)
Endurance: Fair (2)
Fists: Fair (2)
Guns: Great (4)
Intimidation: Average (1)
Investigation: Superb (5)
Lore: Fair (2)
Might: Good (3)
Rapport: Average (1)
Resources: Average (1)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Ear to the Ground (Contacts): Difficulty of any Getting the Tip Off roll reduced by 2.
Read the Surface (Empathy): Initial assessments take < 1 minute.
Fast Reload (Guns): No penalty for reloading as a supplemental action. add 1 to speed rolls when reloading.
Hand-Eye Coordination (Guns): Use Guns instead of Weapons for small, hand-held projectiles.
Infuriate (Intimidation): add 2 to rolls when deliberately trying to make someone angry with you.
Quick Eye (Investigation): First Investigation roll is 2 time increments quicker.
It’s a Trap! (Investigation): Use Investigation instead of Burglary to spot tripwires, pressure plates, or other trap indicators. This skill does not allow you to disarm a trap.
Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore): add 2 to Lore when using it in place of Alertness to detect presence of the supernatural.
Wrestler (Might): Add 1 to Might when maintaining a grapple.
High Quality Workspace (Resources): Personal workspace fulfills both Academic and Arcane research at normal Resources-2 level.
Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Research completed 2 time increments faster.
Juggler (Weapons): Use Weapons to defend against thrown attacks; catch the item if you succeed.
Mental 3
Physical 3
Social 2
The combination of Hand-Eye Coordination (Guns) and Juggler (Weapons) allows Colin to use Guns to attempt to catch thrown weapons.
All of the Finn brothers have FOR GOD AND CLAN FINN as an aspect.
Total Refresh Cost: -10 (Pure Mortal)


Colin’s family (“Clan Finn”) has been here since the mid-1800s when the clan patriarch, Eamon Finn, came over from Dublin to make his fortune in the New World. He opened Finn’s Emporium, a pawn shop in South of Market, married a local girl, and settled down. Colin is the current owner and proprietor of Finn’s Emporium, which is still in the same location.

An expert historian and sometimes archeologist, Colin holds both an honours B.A. degree and an M.A. degree in history from the University of Dublin. He attended right after graduating from high school as part of a work-study program arranged by his father. The “work” part involved helping groups such as the Venatori Umbrorum locate and recover magical items from around the world. It also helped a somewhat hot-tempered Colin find a useful outlet for his aggressive tendencies.

Upon his return to San Francisco several years ago, word of his familiarity with occult objects and locations spread to some of the more eccentric and wealthy members of San Francisco society. As a result, he garnered some local fame (or notoriety, depending on who you ask) by making several well-funded and well-publicized trips to “investigate” famous occult sites around the world. He parlayed this fame into fairly steady work as a consultant for several San Francisco institutions, including the de Young Museum and the Nob Hill Masonic Center. He specializes in authentication and historical research.

A big man of approximately thirty years, Colin stands just over six feet tall. He has strongly Irish features, with red hair and bright green eyes. Though a fourth-generation American, you can still hear an Irish lilt in his voice, particularly when he gets angry. He maintains his physique with near-fanatic devotion, which may also be a factor in his popularity with the social elite. Colin is a suspected member of the Venatori Umbrorum, but this has never been proven, and he’s not saying.

Colin is one of nine brothers, all of whom live in the city. The youngest, Adrian, is currently a student at San Francisco State University. Colin’s next-older brother, Rory, is currently a Senior Special Agent for the FBI in San Francisco. Sean, the oldest, is a reporter for the San Francisco Register.

Clan Finn:
Sean (35), Brady (33), Rory (32), Colin (30), Neal (27), Killian (25), Patrick (23), Garrett (22), Adrian (20)

Colin Finn

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