Connor Bevan

Venatori Leader for San Francisco


Motivation: I will stand against the darkness
Face of: Venatori Umbrorum
High Concept
Venatori Leader for San Francisco
Other Aspects
Patriot; Nerves of Steel; Hands-On; Not on My Watch
Alertness: Good (3)
Athletics: Great (4)
Contacts: Fair (2)
Conviction: Superb (5)
Discipline: Great (4)
Endurance: Good (3)
Fists: Average (1)
Guns: Good (3)
Lore: Fair (2)
Might: Good (3)
Presence: Good (3)
Rapport: Fair (2)
Resources: Fair (2)
Survival: Fair (2)
Weapons: Average (1)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Always Prepared (Alertness): add 2 to Alertness rolls against surprise.
No Pain, No Gain (Endurance): Gain additional mild physical consequence.
Target-Rich Environment (Guns): add 1 to Guns if personally outnumbered in a fight.
Wrestler (Might): add 1 to Might when maintaining a grapple.
Leadership (Presence): add 1 to Presence rolls when commanding a group. Also, groups form 1 time increment quicker.
Mental 4, extra mild consequence
Physical 4, extra mild consequence
Social 4
Connor’s additional mild physical consequence is due to his No Pain, No Gain stunt.
His Contacts and Resources are for Connor personally. As leader of the Venatori, both are Superb (+5), though Contacts applies only within the Venatori structure.

When he’s going somewhere for a fight, he typically wears (Armor:2) body armor and carries at least a (Weapon:3) shotgun and (Weapon:2) pistol. Other military armaments are also possible.
Total Refresh Cost: -3 (Pure Mortal)


Connor was born and raised in Iowa, but never wanted to be a farmer like his father. He joined the Army right out of high school, and applied for the Green Berets as soon as he was able, eventually becoming a member of the 10th Special Forces Group. He did several tours in Europe, and that’s where he rst came to the attention of the Venatori.

His team was on a routine covert intelligence gathering mission in Serbia. It turned ugly when he discovered that one of the natives who was helping them was, in fact, a spy. He followed the man in order to discover his contact and affiliation, and got a rude introduction to the supernatural world when the “spy” turned out to be a Renfield working for a local Black Court scourge. Connor fought his way out of the situation, killing a vampire and several Renfields, including the spy. This earned him the enmity of the scourge, which attacked his team several nights later. He lost two men before driving off the attackers. The remainder of the team was evacuated. While recuperating in England, he was contacted by a representative of the Venatori. Recognizing the opportunity to do something about these supernatural threats, Connor agreed to join the group.

After retiring from the Army, he moved to San Francisco and became General Manager of the Nob Hill Masonic Center. Unknown to the vast majority of its patrons, the Center is a front for the Venatori in San Francisco, and its main offices are located there. Connor is the (unacknowledged) head of operations for San Francisco. He’s a very hands-on manager, and pours himself into his work. Because of this, his organization performs with military eciency. Connor is in his forties, and you can see a little gray in his otherwise short dark hair, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed him down very much. He still works hard, plays hard, and trains hard. Connor recognizes the importance of good intelligence to any operation, but he also isn’t afraid to put that intelligence into action. He maintains his impressive physique through rigorous and regular exercise. He also maintains his expertise with weapons and tactics by regular sessions in the Venatori’s obstacle course and firing range.

Connor Bevan

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