Daniel Berresford

Occult Shop Owner and Kinetomancer


Motivation: I will bring the community together
Face of: Onyx Gate
High Concept
Occult Shop Owner and Kinetomancer
Other Aspects
Rich Kid; You Can’t Choose your Family; Out of the Closet; The White Council is Scary; Stronger Together
Alertness: Average (1)
Contacts: Good (3)
Conviction: Superb (5)
Discipline: Great (4)
Driving: Average (1)
Empathy: Fair (2)
Fists: Average (1)
Guns: Average (1)
Investigation: Average (1)
Lore: Fair (2)
Presence: Good (3)
Rapport: Superb (5)
Resources: Great (4)
Scholarship: Fair (2)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Windfall (Resources): Once per adventure, spend a Fate Point to gain 4 on a single Resources roll.
Best Foot Forward (Rapport): add 1 to first impression roll, with no negative consequence possible.
Channeling [-2] Force
Ritual [-2] Wards
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]
Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
Refinement [-2]
Rote Spells
Flying Fist (Offensive Attack, 6 shifts, Force): Blunt Weapon:6 attack against a target in the same zone. Opposed by Targets’s Athletics, magical blocks, or other applicable conditions. Requires earring, bracelets.
Repulsor Field (Defensive Block, 6 shifts, Force): Creates physical Armor:2 that lasts for 2 exchanges. Requires earring, bracelets.
Earring add 2 Offensive Control to Force. Uses 2 item slots.
Bracelet (right) add 2 Defensive Control to Force. Uses 2 item slots.
Bracelet (left) add 1 Offensive Power to Force; add 1 Defensive Power to Force. Uses 2 item slots.
Ring Weapon:3 Force attack 3x per session based on Lore of Fair (2). Use Discipline to aim. Uses 4 enchanted slots.
Mental 4, extra mild consequence
Physical 2
Social 4
Daniel’s Focus Ring is composed of three intertwined bands: copper, silver, and platinum. Each acts as a single ring; hence he can “use” the ring up to 3 times per session.
Total Refresh Cost: -9


It’s actually Daniel P. Berresford “The Third,” but he only uses the appellation when he signs legal documents. Daniel is the older of two boys born to the Pacific Heights Berresfords. They made their money in the Gold Rush, then invested it in several very successful companies. His younger brother, Zachary, is “a royal pain in the ass” according to Daniel. But Zachary fulfills their parents’ desire to “carry on the Berresford line,” which allows Daniel to live his life on his terms. He is co-owner of Onyx Gate, a successful occult supply store and meeting place for the Ordo Chroma. His partner and fellow co-owner, Jamal, runs the store website as well as an online forum for the local supernatural community.

Daniel discovered his powers as a teenager, when he accepted a dare to stay overnight in the Public Health Services Hospital. Telling his parents he was sleeping over with a friend, he and several classmates went to the old Psych Ward. While exploring one of the rooms by himself, a very nervous Daniel thought he saw the ghost of Esmera Hutchins. He tried to flee, but the door to the room wouldn’t open. His fear and desperation combined to unleash his latent magical talents, literally ripping the door from its hinges.

After high school, he attended SFSU. He told his parents it was for the business program, and that was his major, but it wasn’t his only interest. He joined The Obscura Group, much to the dismay of his parents, hoping to find others with similar abilities. Unfortunately, the group was not what he was hoping for in that regard. He enjoyed the camaraderie and investigations, though, and still supports the group nancially. He also had his first affair with another man while in college, to the even greater dismay of his parents.

With a business degree in hand, Daniel opened an occult supply store in Haight-Ashbury called Onyx Gate. He also founded a support group for other “clued-in” people that he runs out of the store. One night as he was walking home from a club, he heard the sounds of a fight from an alley he was passing. Entering, he saw two ghouls trying to kill a huge, wounded black panther. Daniel used his magic to hurl one of the ghouls into a nearby dumpster, snapping its back. The other attempted to flee and was cut down by the panther, which then transformed into a man (Jamal Walker) who asked Daniel for help. Daniel took him back to his store, thus starting a relationship that remains strong to this day.

Daniel is 5’10", with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a strong jaw. His lean features and frame, round wireframe glasses, and generally soft-spoken attitude give him the air of a cloistered scholar. However, if you get to know him, you realize he is quite gregarious, very likable, and a little naive.

Daniel Berresford

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