Demetrios Valetta

White Court Duke


Motivation: I will return to my former glory
Face of: The White Court
High Concept
White Court Duke
Other Aspects
Good Looks, Charm, and Personality; Plausible Deniability; Fair-Weather Friends; Puppet Master; My Throne Awaits
Alertness: Good (3)
Athletics: Good (3)
Contacts: Great (4)
Conviction: Great (4)
Deceit: Superb (5)
Discipline: Superb (5)
Driving: Great (4)
Empathy: Great (4)
Endurance: Good (3)
Fists: Good (3)
Guns: Good (3)
Intimidation: Good (3)
Investigation: Fair (2)
Lore: Good (3)
Might: Fair (2)
Presence: Superb (5)
Rapport: Great (4)
Resources: Good (3)
Stealth: Fair (2)
Survival: Fair (2)
Weapons: Great (4)
Others default to Average (1)
Personal Magnetism (Presence): add 2 to rolls to establish passive reaction
Sex Appeal (Rapport): add 2 to seduction attempts for receptive target
Emotional Vampire [-1]
Human Guise [-0]
Incite Emotion (At Range, Lasting Emotion, Potent Emotion) [-4]
Feeding Dependency (1) affecting the following powers:
Supernatural Strength [-4]
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
The Catch (0) is True Love
Mental 4
Physical 4
Social 4, extra mild consequence
Hunger 4
Demetrios incites, and feeds on, lust.
Total Refresh Cost: -14


Demetrios was born in Ottoman Thessaly in the early 1700s, where his family held title to vast estates gained through long support of the empire. Demetrios inherited the lands and title when his father was killed in a hunting accident. Many believed Demetrios was behind his father’s death, but nothing could be proved, and no charges were ever brought against him. Because of his family’s standing with empire leadership, he exercised unchallenged control of these lands. Effectively, he was king of his own kingdom, and that perceived status made him a rising star in the White Court. All that changed, however, with the Greek War for Independence. Inexplicably, Demetrios found himself on the losing side of the struggle. His lands were confiscated, his power base evaporated, and he was forced to flee for his life along with his two children, Antonia and Murad.

He ended up in San Francisco, where he spent the next fifty or so years building an impressive information network. The effectiveness of the network was proven when he fed information to the Venatori Umbrorum that allowed them to decimate the Red Court. With the Red Court weakened,Demetrios was free to consolidate his power in San Francisco.

Publicly, Demetrios is a philanthropist, boating affcionado, and avid patron of the arts. He spends most of his time at his estate, Lodos, on Angel Island, or boating in the waters around San Francisco in his private yacht, the Thessaly II. He is well connected to the social, political, and financial elite of the city, and his parties are legendary, both for their A-List guests and their over-the-top entertainment. Privately of course, Demetrios is the power behind the power in San Francisco. He uses his and his children’s connections to maintain control of key positions of power and influence in the city. Those he deems worthy are typically enthralled, and then used to control those beneath them. Those who can’t be controlled discover that they can’t get promoted, or that their ideas are marginalized or ignored. If they become too much trouble, they are removed, sometimes (though this is rare) permanently.

In recognition of his success in San Francisco, Lord Raith has reinstated Demetrios to his former rank (Duke) within the White Court. Demetrios views this as a small but necessary victory on the way to his final goal, the removal of Lord Raith, and his assumption of White Court leadership. While fleeing to America, Demetrios discovered that House Raith was at least partially responsible for his downfall. He has sworn to have his revenge on them.

Demetrios Valetta

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