Dominic Spenser

Warlock and Occult Store Owner


Motivation: I want it all, as long as someone else pays for it
Face of: The Boneyard
High Concept
Warlock and Occult Store Owner
Other Aspects
I’ll Tell You What You Think; I Don’t Share Power; Your Loss, My Gain; Hide in Plain Sight
Alertness: Good (3)
Burglary: Average (1)
Contacts: Fair (2)
Conviction: Superb (5)
Deceit: Great (4)
Discipline: Superb (5)
Endurance: Average (1)
Intimidation: Good (3)
Investigation: Fair (2)
Lore: Great (4)
Presence: Good (3)
Rapport: Average (1)
Resources: Good (3)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
High-Quality Workspace (Resources): Arcane workshop is of Good (3) quality.
Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]
Lawbreaker [-2] (Fourth)
Lawbreaker [-1] (Seventh)
Refinement [-2]
Evocation: Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Spirit); Power (Spirit add 1); Control (Spirit add 1)
Thaumaturgy: Complexity (Wards add 1); Control (Wards add 1)
Rote Spells
Ego Whip (Offensive Attack, 6 shifts, Spirit): Weapon:6 (plus applicable bonuses) mental attack. Lasts one action. Opposed by target’s Discipline, magical blocks, or other applicable conditions.
Blank Spot (Defensive Block, 6 shifts, Spirit): Creates a Veil of Great (4) quality. Lasts 3 exchanges. Opposed by target’s Alertness.
Straightjacket (Offensive Maneuver, 6 shifts, Spirit): If successful, places the sticky aspect BOUND IN PLACE on target. Lasts 1 scene. Opposed by target’s Athletics, magical blocks, or other applicable conditions.
Dragon’s Breath (Offensive Attack, 6 Shifts, Fire): Weapon:6 (plus applicable bonuses) cone of fire. Lasts one action. Opposed by target’s Athletics, magical blocks, or other applicable conditions. Requires ring.
Focus Items
Ring add 1 to Offensive Power for Fire; add 1 to Offensive Control for Fire. 2 item slots.
Mental 4 extra mild consequence
Physical 3
Social 4
Languages Dominic is fluent in British English, American English, and Chinese (Mandarin).
Dominic’s ring is made of jade, and has an obscure Chinese symbol on it. He usually uses his 2 open item slots for potions.
Total Refresh Cost: -13


At several inches over 6’ tall, Dominic Spenser is an imposing figure. Add to that his thin frame, penetrating dark eyes, perpetually slicked-back dark hair, moustache, and goatee, and you have the makings of a great theater villain. It’s a carefully crafted image that Dominic assiduously maintains. He is the owner of The Boneyard, an occult supply store that caters to the darker side of magic. His appearance adds another note to the store’s already creepy vibe, and his customers eat it up. What most of his clients don’t know is that he is, in fact, a powerful warlock.

Dominic was born in the village of Lynton in England. He discovered his magical talent in his early teens when he “convinced” one of his teachers to change a failing grade. He couldn’t believe it worked, so repeated the experiment with another teacher. His grade point went up considerably after that, but he knew there had to be more. He devoted himself to finding out everything he could about magic. It was a surprisingly difficult search, even with his ability to “convince” others to help him, but he was able to get a basic grasp on a number of magical concepts. Armed with his new knowledge, and flush with cash he “convinced” people to give him, Dominic left England. He traveled across Europe and into the Far East, looking for practitioners. Eventually, he ended up in China, where he found a group that met his requirements. They were knowledgeable, powerful, and willing to accept him. He spent a number of years with them; training, studying, and occasionally performing tasks. He also learned of the White Council, and decided he was better off without them.

His power and knowledge grew until he was one of the group’s most powerful members, at which point he was granted access to its most secret lore. The knowledge was staggering. The group was preparing to summon an Outsider. The rituals involved were hideously complicated, but if successful would transform the summoners into gods. Here was power, and he had no intention of sharing it. Instead, he used the knowledge he had gained to contact the Outsider and make his own deal. He would sabotage the ritual and get power for himself. The first part of his plan went off without a hitch. At the critical point in the ritual, Dominic broke the protective wards containing the Outsider. The Outsider, freed of its restraints, destroyed the group’s headquarters, and everything around it for 1/4 mile. Only Dominic survived, thanks to his agreement. But the Outsider played him for a fool by twisting his agreement. He lived, but gained nothing else. Realizing that the White Council would eventually show up to investigate, Dominic left the country and moved to San Francisco, where he set up his shop in the Tenderloin. He’s been there ever since, and he continues to seek even more power.

Recently, Dominic has become aware of a young White Council wizard who has taken up residence in North Beach. He doesn’t think Valentina was sent to challenge him directly, but he is watching her. If she becomes a threat, he intends to deal with her … permanently, if need be.

Dominic Spenser

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