Dr. Janet Elderbee



Motivation: I’m just here to study gorillas
Face of: The San Francisco Zoo
High Concept
Other Aspects
No Jane Goodall
Alertness: Fair (2)
Conviction: Fair (2)
Empathy: Average (1)
Endurance: Fair (2)
Investigation: Fair (2)
Rapport: Average (1)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Survival: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Mundane research completed 2 time increments faster.
Scientist (Scholarship): add 1 to primatology research; additional add 1 if related to gorillas.
Animal Handler (Survival): add 1 to Survival when dealing with primates; additional +1 for gorillas.
Mental 3
Physical 3
Social 2
Total Refresh Cost: -1 (Pure Mortal)


“Jane,” as she’s known to her staff (when she isn’t around,) works in the Gorilla Preserve at the San Francisco Zoo. After receiving her Doctorate in Primatology from SFSU, Janet spent several years in the Serengeti working with the native gorilla population. She returned to the states after accepting a staff position at the zoo. She has championed involvement with both the Gorilla Foundation, and the Maui Ape Preserve. These activities occasionally bring her into conflict with the zoo directors, who feel she doesn’t always do enough to promote local causes.

In her mid-thirties, Janet’s blond, blue-eyed features (she’s a San Francisco native) might give you the impression she’s just a pretty face. But talk to her for a few minutes, and her intelligence and passion for her research shine through.

Dr. Janet Elderbee

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