Esmera Hutchins

Ghost of Murdered Nursing Student


Motivation: I’m a ghost
Face of: Presidio Public Health Services Hospital
High Concept
Ghost of Murdered Nursing Student
Other Aspects
Tell Me Where it Hurts; I Hate Locked Rooms
Conviction: Great (4)
Fists: Good (3)
Intimidation: Great (4)
Presence: Good (3)
Scholarship: Fair (2)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Demesne [-1]
Spirit Form (Poltergeist) [-5]
Swift Transition (No Mortal Home) [-1]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Physical Immunity [-8]
The Catch [+2] is that Esmera can only be hurt in the mortal realm by those she has acknowledged.
In the Nevernever, she still has Armor:2 against attacks that aren’t specifically structured as countermeasures against ghosts (like ghost dust).
Mental 4
Physical 2
Social 4
Total Refresh Cost: -15


Esmera is a ghost that haunts the psychiatric ward of the Public Health Services Hospital at the Presidio. In 1960, Esmera was a nursing student attending the University of San Francisco Nursing School. The 20-year old was working at the PHSH as part of her psychiatry practicum. She was asked to assist a doctor experimenting with electroconvulsive therapy (“Shock Therapy”) for rehabilitating criminals convicted of violent crimes (e.g. rape, murder, aggravated assault.) The experiments were performed in a lock-down ward of the psychiatric wing of the hospital. During a session, one of the patients escaped his restraints. Unable to leave the locked room, he became enraged and killed both the doctor and Esmera before being killed himself by arriving guards.

Esmera’s spirit lingered in the place where she died so violently, eventually becoming a regular sight in the hospital. A number of hospital staff and visitors have claimed to see her over the years. She is described as a young, pretty woman with dark hair, dark eyes, and generally Hispanic features. She wears a student nursing uniform of the 1950-1960 era. Some people say there are blood stains on the uniform, presumably from the attack that killed her. She is not generally said to be violent, and some have even claimed to hold a conversation with her.

Esmera Hutchins

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