Jamal Walker

Web-Savvy Werepanther


Motivation: I have everything I need right here
Face of: Onyx Gate
High Concept
Web-Savvy Werepanther
Other Aspects:
Black Panther; Got a Black Magic Woman; Been There, Done That; Geek Spoken Here; Stronger Together
Alertness: Great (4)
Athletics: Fair (2)
Conviction: Average (1)
Craftsmanship: Good (3)
Discipline: Fair (2)
Empathy: Average (1)
Endurance: Good (3)
Fists: Average (1)
Guns: Average (1)
Intimidation: Fair (2)
Investigation: Good (3)
Lore: Average (1)
Might: Fair (2)
Presence: Fair (2)
Scholarship: Superb (5)
Stealth: Good (3)
Survival: Average (1)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Tough Stuff (Endurance): Stackable Armor: 1 against blunt weapons (fists, sticks, stones.)
Jerry-Rigger (Craftsmanship): Repairs last 2 scenes longer.
Beast Change [-1]
Echoes of the Beast [-1]
Human Form [+1] affecting:
Claws [-1]
Growl [-1]
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Mental 3
Physical 4, Armor:1
Social 3
Skill scores are for human form. In panther form, adjust the following: Alertness, Stealth to Superb (5); Investigation, Athletics to Great (4); Survival, Fists to Good (3); Craftsmanship, Scholarship to Average (1). In panther form, Jamal is larger and more savage looking than normal; approximately 6 feet from nose to tail, with another 5 feet of tail, and weighing approximately 250 pounds. An excellent climber and jumper, he can leap horizontally for 20-25 feet, and vertically for 10-15 feet (standing leaps.) He can run at up to 40 mph for short bursts, and up to 30 mph sustained. Finally, he is agile, able to quickly change direction or move unexpectedly.
Echoes of the Beast as Cloak of Shadows.
Growl places the sticky temporary aspect NERVOUS JITTERS on all humanoid creatures within the same zone. This is an opposed roll using Jamal’s Intimidation and the target’s Discipline. Lasts 1 scene if successful.
Total Refresh Cost: -9


Tall (6’2",) broad-shouldered, bald, well muscled, this African-American could easily be a model if it weren’t for the jagged scar that mars his right cheek. Jamal works out regularly to maintain his physique, but he’s not just a pretty face.

Born and raised in New York City, Jamal idolized the Black Panther organization as a child. He wanted to become one when he was old enough. Unfortunately for his aspirations, the Black Panthers officially disbanded when he was seven. That, however, didn’t stop his dream. Jamal spent his early teen years working out fanatically. At sixteen, he started patrolling his neighborhood by himself. He had a run-in with a local gang, was heavily outnumbered, and got severely beaten. The gang leader gave him a jagged, deep cut on his right cheek as a reminder of the encounter.

Humiliated, hurt, and bleeding, Jamal dragged himself home. His mother, too poor to afford regular medical care, enlisted the aid of Zora Hudson, a neighborhood hoodoo doctor. She was able to mend Jamal’s body, though he retains the scar on his face to this day. A true hoodoo, she was also able to offer him the opportunity to revenge himself, and Jamal immediately agreed. Over the next several months, she taught him to transform himself into a huge black panther, literally fulfilling his ambition. Recovered and armed with his new talent, he easily found and dealt with the gang members. Afterward, he discovered that Zora was expecting some return on her investment. He ended up becoming her enforcer, and doing some things he would rather not remember.

When he turned eighteen, Jamal joined the Navy, mostly to escape from his hoodoo mistress. He saw the world (or a lot of it, at least) and discovered he had talents outside his wereabilities in electronics and computers. He separated at twenty-five after several tours, and stayed in his last port of call, San Francisco, figuring 3,500 miles was a good buffer between him and his past. He became involved with Daniel Berresford, and discovered a love that has helped him move on from his checkered past. The two have become inseparable, running Onyx Gate together. Jamal runs the store web site, as well as the local Paranet boards.

Jamal Walker

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