James David Shaw

Romano Family Solicitor


James David Shaw, Esq., is responsible for Romano family assets and interests in America, as was his father before him. His uncle Robert controls all European affairs from the Rome office, and a firm in Hong Kong manages Asian interests.

James sees the American post as a bit of a disappointment. While living in San Francisco has its pleasures, he’s spent far too much of his time in recent years dealing with the problems caused by Elizabetha’s little dalliance with Malcolm Wright. He’s paid bribes, covered up scandals, and been forced to find ways to keep Malcolm and Simon out of jail more than once. His most recent headache is Maria — the girl was found with a small amount of cocaine in her purse at a Los Angeles club, and since she is underage this will be a greater hassle than normal.

Now Valentina has moved to America, and is under his wing now as well. She seems to have a better head on her shoulders than her siblings, and she is a full wizard, which means that someday he or his sons will answer to her. For now, though, he will assist her when needed, but he never lets her forget that he works for the Romano family, not Valentina.

James is a mundane, but he’s found that he needs to know about the supernatural to deal with the issues in his position. He has a wide range of contacts both supernatural and mundane, and always seeems to know what the family is involved in, even if they have not disclosed the information themselves. He’s also not above bending the rules to get things done.

The reputation and continued success of the family is his most important concern.


James David Shaw

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