Jorge Domingo Jude Cruz

Homeless Guy


Motivation: I will live another day
Face of: Tenderloin
High Concept
Homeless Guy
Other Aspects
Vaya con Dios; Livin’ on the Edge; Whatever Gets me Through the Night
Deceit: Fair (2)
Empathy: Fair (1)
Rapport: Good (2)
Stealth: Fair (2)
Survival: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Honest Lies (Deceit): add 2 to Deceit when you incorporate real truth into a lie.
Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore): add 2 to Lore when attempting to detect supernatural presences.
Bilingual (Scholarship): Fluent in both American English and Spanish.
Beggar’s Cloak (Stealth): add 2 to Stealth when shadowing an unsuspecting target.
Mental 2
Physical 2
Social 2
Total Refresh Cost: -2 (Pure Mortal)


Jorge is a homeless guy who lives in the Tenderloin. He’s been there for a number of years, though if you ask him how many, he’ll evade the question, along with pretty much any other personal question. If he’s not in the Tenderloin, he can typically be found at Fisherman’s Wharf, picking up spare change from tourists or checking dumpsters.

Whether he had them to begin with or learned them living on the street, Jorge has some serious urban survival skills. One of his most useful skills, however, is his ability to occasionally sense the presence of nearby supernatural entities. He says he inherited it from his mother, who was a bruja blanca (white witch) somewhere in Mexico. The story might be a complete fabrication, but his ability is real.

Jorge typically dresses in dilapidated military clothing, the kind you can pick up at (or steal from) an Army/Navy store. Boots, jeans or camouflage pants, a t-shirt, a field jacket with a hoodie underneath when it gets colder. When he smiles, it makes the gaps from missing teeth stand out against his lined, Hispanic face. The whole is framed by dirty, shoulder-length hair. He looks to be in his forties, but it’s impossible to tell exactly.

Val met Jorge when a case took her to the Tenderloin. He’s happy to help the pretty lady out with information or assistance in exchange for a few bucks, but he’s not going to stick his neck out for her.

Jorge Domingo Jude Cruz

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