Kenichi Tsokoda

Clued-In Yakuza Leader


Motivation: I will rise above the shadows
Face of: Yakuza Yakuza
High Concept
Clued-In Yakuza Leader
Other Aspects
Caught Between Worlds; Loyalty Above All; Cost of Doing Business
Alertness: Good (3)
Athletics: Good (3)
Contacts: Fair (2)
Conviction: Fair (2)
Deceit: Deceit (4)
Discipline: Good (3)
Empathy: Good (3)
Endurance: Average (1)
Fists: Good (3)
Guns: Average (1)
Intimidation: Great (4)
Lore: Average (1)
Presence: Good (3)
Rapport: Fair (2)
Resources: Good (2)
Scholarship: Average (1)
Weapons: Fair (2)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Honest Lies (Deceit): add 2 to Deceit when incorporating actual truth into a lie.
Takes One to Know One (Deceit): Use Deceit instead of Empathy to detect lies.
Tough Stuff (Endurance): Stackable Armor: 1 against blunt trauma (physical) weapons.
Martial Artist (Fists): Use Fists at +1 to make assessments and declarations related to fighting styles and skills.
Killer Smile (Intimidation): add 2 to Intimidation when using it for a passive threat.
Subtle Menace (Intimidation): Intimidators gain no advantage against you from a superior position.
Leadership (Presence): add 1 to Presence when commanding a group, and groups form 1 time segment quicker.
Filthy Lucre (Resources): add 2 to Resources when used for illicit purposes.
Mental 4
Physical 3
Social 4
Contacts and Resources skills are for Kenichi personally. As leader of the Yakuza in San Francisco, both are Great (4).
Kenichi is much more formidable when given time to prepare. If he has foreknowledge of a fight, he will come prepared for almost any eventuality (including magical attacks.)
Total Refresh Cost: -6 (Pure Mortal)


Born to lower-class parents in Tokyo, teenage Kenichi came to the United States illegally seeking a better life. The Yakuza took him in, and provided him with both a surrogate “family” and a way of earning money. His intelligence, determination, and natural leadership abilities, fueled by a deep belief in Shinto practices and honed by years of martial arts training, soon brought him to the attention of the top ranks of the Yakuza.

Kenichi became a kobun to Koji Toren, the wakagashira for the San Francisco region. At Toren’s urging, and with his support, Kenichi applied for and was granted U.S. citizenship. He attended Harvard University and was awarded a B.A. in Economics. He then returned to San Francisco. He spent several years running the Shadow Keepers, the highest-level organization within the Yakuza, before replacing his mentor as wakagashira of the San Francisco region. He has held this position ever since, and Yakuza influence and power have grown steadily under his hand.

A master of several martial arts, Kenichi is fit, energetic and unusually tall (6’) for a Japanese man. His presence is intimidating to most of the people he meets. He is also a very spiritual man, embracing the Shinto practice of his ancestors. This has given him insight and knowledge of the magical world around him. As with everything else, he has found ways to use this knowledge to his advantage and always considers all his resources. A man of two worlds, he is constantly pushing for legitimacy and power while balancing the demands and culture of his criminal family. He has a constant internal struggle about which world is his true master.

Kenichi Tsokoda

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