Linda Houghton

Half-Hamadryad Wiccan High Priestess


Motivation: I want it both ways
Face of: Wiccans, Koad Uaine
High Concept
Half-Hamadryad Wiccan High Priestess
Other Aspects
Free Spirit; Fae Life is Tempting; I’ve Got a Secret; Charles is my Anchor
Contacts: Good (3)
Deceit: Good (3)
Empathy: Fair (2)
Lore: Good (3)
Presence: Good (3)
Rapport: Great (4)
Resources: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Best Foot Forward (Rapport): add 1 to Rapport on first impression roll, with no negative consequence possible.
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
The Catch (1) is cold iron and the like
Supernatural Sense (Cat Eyes) [-1] Linda can see in complete darkness.
Mental 2
Physical 2(2) Armor:1
Social 4
Linda’s Physical Armor:1 and 2 extra Physical stress boxes are from Inhuman Toughness
Total Refresh Cost: -5


When she told them she was dating Charles Houghton, her parents told Linda she was insane. The youngest of three daughters, Linda had always been a little impulsive, and was used to being allowed to do her own thing. Clothes; hobbies (Wicca was the only one she stuck with, and there had been many;) or boys. So it was probably inevitable that once her parents expressed disapproval she pursued the relationship. However, even Linda was surprised when it developed into more than a casual fling.

She met Charles at one of the Wicca holiday festivals (Imbolc, or as Linda likes to say, the “Mid-winter Fling.”) Pretty and outgoing, Linda was already popular in Wiccan circles. Charles, on the other hand, was generally respected for his grasp of Wiccan history and traditions, but considered a bit odd and aloof. Something about Charles clicked with her, though. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t his ability with money. Linda quickly discovered his dire financial straits, but instead of moving on to more financially promising pastures, she helped him to get back on his feet. When Charles proposed, she said yes. With Linda’s social graces to help smooth Charles’ rough edges, the couple quickly became a favorite in the Wiccan community, and no one was really surprised when they became High Priest and Priestess.

Now in her late thirties, Linda is the social half of the Houghton marriage, always making people feel welcome, whether at her home or at Koad Uaine. She is also the financial brains of the marriage, keeping Charles and the Wiccan community solvent. And she’s still a pretty woman. She’s a bottle blond, but the color suits her personality. She wears colored contacts for an unspecified eye condition, but people never seem to notice.

However, Linda has another side to her personality, a side she doesn’t show to anyone, not even Charles. Linda is a Changeling. Her mortal father had a “dalliance” with Ptelea, a Hamadryad (of Alder trees) living in Muir Woods. Linda was the result. Ptelea, uninterested in caring for a baby, gave her to her mortal father after she was born.

Linda realized she was different from an early age, but things came to a head, literally, when she hit puberty. Suddenly, her chestnut brown hair developed green streaks, and her eyes became golden yellow and cat-like. This prompted a heart-to-heart between father and daughter, and an eventual meeting with her Hamadryad mother. While uninterested in her as a baby, Ptelea took great interest in her as a teenager, and began teaching her about her nature. This led to Linda gradually coming closer to becoming Fae. She probably would have gone over completely, except that she met Charles and fell in love with him. He has become her anchor to the mortal realm. But she hasn’t forsaken her Fae heritage, either.

Linda Houghton

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