Malcolm Wright

Mentalist and Con Artist


Malcolm is either living high or on the run. There’s no middle ground for a man like him.

Raised in a traveling carnival, Malcolm learned all the tricks of fleecing rubes early, and by the time he was a teenager he was working the faith healer scam in the South. He parlayed that into a gig as a medium in Los Angeles, and once he had a few celebrity clients he was on a fast track to fame and fortune.

He’s had a few television specials and a gig in Vegas, stints as a movie producer and a very lucrative stretch as a New Age life coach for the super rich. But somehow it always goes bad, and he’s back to small-time schemes until he can put his next big deal together.

Malcolm is always on the lookout for the next ex-Mrs. Wright — preferrably one that’s wealthy and slightly stupid. He has two children — Valentina is too damn smart for her own good and Simon needs to buckle down and learn to play the game, but he cares for them and will answer their calls … as long as there’s something in it for him.


Malcolm Wright

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