Nicholas "Lone Wolf" Slaholt

Park Ranger and Lighthouse Tender


High Concept
Park Ranger and Lighthouse Tender

Other Aspects
Honor The Cause

Athletics: Fair (2)
Craftsmanship: Fair (2)
Deceit: Average (1)
Driving: Fair (2)
Endurance: Average (1)
Might: Fair (2)
Others default to Mediocre (0)

Jerry Rigger (Craftsmanship): Repairs last 2 time increments longer.
Salty Dog (Driving): add 1 to Driving when piloting watercraft; additional +1 for small
boats (rowboat, dinghy, small shing boat).
Wrestler (Might): add 1 to Might when maintaining a grapple.

Mental 2
Physical 3
Social 2

Since Nicholas lives on Alcatraz Island, he has (by necessity) become an accomplished boat driver.

Total Refresh Cost: -1 (Pure Mortal)


Motivation: I’m keeping the flame alight
Face of: Alcatraz

Nicholas is a park attendant for Alcatraz Island. He gives tours of the island facilities (including the prison) for visitors, but his main job is to tend the lighthouse. Since he never knows when it will break down and need repair, he also lives in it.

It’s an isolated life, one that has earned him the nickname “Lone Wolf;” but Nicholas doesn’t mind. The job allows him to stay on Alcatraz, where in 1969 a small group of Native Americans staged an occupation that lasted almost two years. Their purpose was to bring attention to native american causes. Nicholas identifies strongly with their beliefs and their actions, something he didn’t tell the Parks Service when he applied for the job. He is a member of the Federation for Native American Rights in San Francisco, and attends meetings whenever he can.

In his mid-twenties, Nicholas stands just under 6 feet tall. He normally wears his dark hair in a loose ponytail that emphasizes his Native American features. His job gives him plenty of free time for working out, so his lean frame has a respectable amount of muscle on it.

Nicholas "Lone Wolf" Slaholt

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