Padre Guillermo Vicente Dionisio de Fausto

Man of God and Ordo Leader


Motivation: Lord willing, I will lead my flock
Face of: Mission Dolores
High Concept
Man of God and Ordo Malleus Leader
Other Aspects
On a Mission, From God; Out of the Frying Pan; Size Matters Not; Lead by Example
Alertness: Fair (2)
Contacts: Good (3)
Conviction: Superb (5)
Discipline: Great (4)
Empathy: Superb (5)
Fists: Average (1)
Guns: Average (1)
Intimidation: Average (1)
Lore: Fair (2)
Presence: Good (3)
Rapport: Great (4)
Scholarship: Average (1)
Stealth: Average (1)
Survival: Average (1)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Devout Words (Conviction): Use Conviction skill as a block against physical attack.
Tower of Faith (Conviction): Call upon your faith and gain Armor:1 against mental or social stress. Lasts 1 scene.
Read The Surface (Empathy): Initial assessments take < 1 minute.
Bless This House [-1]
Guide My Hand [-1]
Holy Touch [-1]
Righteousness [-2]
Mental 3, extra mild consequence
Physical 3
Social 2
Total Refresh Cost: -8


Father de Fausto is the current Padre (parish priest) of Mission Dolores. He’s in his fifties, but don’t let the mostly bald pate or paunch around his mid-section fool you. Padre Guillermo is still a vital man. His dark, Hispanic eyes may have some crow’s feet around them, but they’re still sharp, as is his tongue on occasion. And his 5’8" frame can seem a lot bigger when he’s in the midst of a sermon, or providing some “needed redirection” to one of his flock.

He’s a San Francisco native, and grew up attending services at Mission Dolores. He found his calling early, and often spoke to the clergy about becoming a priest. He applied for seminary immediately after graduating from high school, but was drafted into the Army before he could be accepted. He convinced his superiors to assign him to the chaplain service, and shipped out to Vietnam. Guillermo says his experiences there were “a crucible that tempered and honed his faith,” but usually doesn’t elaborate beyond that statement. He is known to spend time with Bernard Mingan, which has prompted some to speculate they know each other from Vietnam.

He returned to Mission Dolores after the war, and has been there ever since. His service eventually brought him to the attention of the Ordo Malleus, who recruited him. He now serves as one of the Council, the Ordo leadership in San Francisco, as well as the head of the Mission Dolores parish. It is a great burden, but one he bears gladly for the sake of his flock.

Padre Guillermo Vicente Dionisio de Fausto

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