Professor Aponi Hurit

Professor of Native American Studies


Motivation: I want the next generation to know the Ohlone
Face of: San Francisco State University
High Concept
Professor of Native American Studies
Other Aspects
Proud of my Heritage; Supporter of Lost Causes; Friend to the Ohlone
Craftsmanship: Average (1)
Empathy: Average (1)
Investigation: Fair (2)
Performance: Fair (2)
Rapport: Average (1)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Tribal Bond (Contacts): add 2 to Contacts when dealing with the Native American community.
Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Research completed 2 time increments quicker.
Scholar (Scholarship): add 1 to Scholarship when researching Native Americans; add 2 for the Ohlone Tribe.
Mental 2
Physical 2
Social 2
Total Refresh Cost: -1 (Pure Mortal)


Prof. Hurit is a professor of Native American Studies at San Francisco State University and, at twenty-six, is one of the youngest faculty members there. She is not a San Francisco (or even California) native. She’s a Seneca who grew up on a reservation in western New York. Her father was the tribe’s legal counsel, and Aponi inherited a strong desire to promote Native American rights from him. She also inherited his long, dark hair and dark eyes, as well as his wide cheekbones. At 5’6" and 135 pounds, she didn’t inherit his build, but that’s alright with her.

After getting her M.A. from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, she attended SFSU on an educational grant. While pursuing her PhD, she had the opportunity to meet Bernard Mingan and learn about the Ohlone tribe and its efforts to achieve recognition. She made their cause her own, becoming a vocal advocate and working directly with Bernard on several projects. Her doctoral thesis was a study of Ohlone genealogy, with the goal of establishing existing blood lines to aid in recognition efforts. Her faculty advisors were impressed with her drive and passion, as well as her knowledge, and offered her a teaching post when she graduated. She accepted, and continues her work on behalf of the Ohlone when she isn’t teaching classes.

Professor Aponi Hurit

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