Romero “Romeo” Parada

Human Face of the Galindo Cartel


High Concept: Cartel Boss

Fists: Good (3)
Guns: Good (3)
Weapons: Good (3)
Intimidation: Fair (2)
Alertness: Fair (2)
Stealth: Fair (2)
Most other skills default to Mediocre, with a few at Average.

Connected (Contacts): +2 to Contacts when networking within organized crime.

Mental oo Physical ooo Social ooo

This guy has guns (Weapon:1 or 2, sometimes something nastier), and he knows how to use ’em, along with his fists (Good attacks). Fair initiative, Good defense, and plenty of dangerous friends.

Total Refresh Cost: +1 (Pure Mortal)


Romeo Parada is a veteran of the Mexican Special Forces with extensive Black Ops experience. He and his entire unit were recruited by Esmerelda Santanico to be the core of the Galinda Cartel. Romeo has been kept human so that he can operate day or night as needed but he has been promised to be turned as a reward when San Francisco is retaken for the Red Court.

Romero “Romeo” Parada

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