Simon Tanaka-Smith

Comic Store Owner


Motivation: I’m smoothing the waters
Face of: Invasion Comics
High Concept
Comic Store Owner
Other Aspects
Let me Recommend Something; But Enough About Me; I Can Keep a Secret
Contacts: Average (1)
Empathy: Good (3)
Performance: Average (1)
Presence: Fair (2)
Rapport: Fair (2)
Scholarship: Good (3)
Others default to Mediocre (0)
Social Graces (Empathy): add 2 to Empathy when rolling initiative in social conflicts.
Art Historian (Performance): add 1 to Performance as perception or knowledge skill for Art; add 2 for Comic art; add 3 for Manga.
Bilingual (Scholarship): Fluent in both American English and Japanese.
Mental 2
Physical 2
Social 3
Total Refresh Cost: -1 (Pure Mortal)


The only son of a Japanese mother and British father, Simon spent his childhood years traveling with his parents before settling in the city of his birth. He has been to both England and Japan, as well as other places in the Far East. His mother, a sometimes painter, is probably responsible for his love of art in general, and Japanese art in particular.

Simon is a lanky, pale man with hair that always looks like it needs a trim, a sparse goatee, a British accent and a penchant for hats. He is also the current owner of Invasion Comics, arguably the most popular comic store in Japantown. It’s “the” place to get the latest anime, manga, or hentai titles. Simon tends to hire help that is as eccentric as he is, but also as knowledgeable. Simon writes manga and comics under the pseudonym “Hank Masatti.” He has also become the go-to guy in Japantown for translation services, and is well-known for his discretion. He hates to talk about himself or his opinions, but he loves to talk about his experiences, particularly when they relate to the history of manga artwork.

Simon Tanaka-Smith

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