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North Beach

Accorded Neutral Territory

The Idea
A literary mecca since 1953, City Lights is internationally known for its selection of books and commitment to free intellectual inquiry. The store is located in North Beach at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Broadway, just north of Chinatown. Owner and poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s store contains three floors of intellectual delights. Wend your way through twisty aisles filled to bursting with stacks of books, and move from section to section by climbing or descending narrow, creaking stairways.

The store, and the coffe house/poetry reading room in the basement is Accorded Neutral Territory. Enjoy a cup of authentic espresso across a scarred and smoke-stained table from your direst foe while snapping your fingers for the latest in independent beat poets, or enjoying the offerings of local musicians.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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