City Wide Themes and Threats

San Francisco is always characterized as a city with low crime, a city where everyone feels safe. But if you look at the crime statistics, San Francisco really isn’t all that different from other cities of similar size (or the national average, for that matter.) Kind of makes you wonder if the “low crime rate” isn’t White Court propaganda to attract the best and brightest in technical fields and help bring in tourism dollars. And bring them in it does. As we’ve already mentioned, San Francisco is a tourist city, making the bulk of its operating capital from its countless visitors each year. But that’s not all you’ll find here.

San Francisco is also a financial giant, though not as large as it once was. Billions of dollars each year flow through the banks and corporate headquarters in the Financial District. That kind of cash flow attracts a lot of people, not all of them the honest, hard-working type. It’s no wonder that organized crime, in the form of Yakuza and tongs, has a significant presence.

San Francisco actively courts technical talent from nearby Silicon Valley. Most of this talent is younger, and the city has taken steps to ensure they feel welcome. In particular, the Marina neighborhood has, in recent years, become much more youth-oriented with hip, trendy living. Not everyone agrees this is progress; however, so far no opposition has been able to get any traction with city leadership.

Finally, San Francisco is a city that embraces its history and culture, including its countercultures. Spanish, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, hippie, you name it, it’s here, including the supernatural. Of course, with so many (typically) divering viewpoints comes inevitable conflict.

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City Wide Themes and Threats

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