San Francisco sits on a peninsula of land surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Golden Gate Strait to the north, and San Francisco Bay to the east. The peninsula is very hilly, as anyone who has tried walking around (or driving a stretch limo) can attest. San Francisco has been called The City of Seven Hills, but this is (to the mundane community) a misnomer. Exact numbers vary, but everyone agrees there are significantly more then seven. Some, like Telegraph Hill, are points of interest in their own right.

The oficial elevation of the city is 60 feet (18 meters,) but that doesn’t really tell you the story. The elevation varies from 0 feet to 750 feet (0 to 229 meters) often in a very short horizontal distance. The hills are very steep, particularly in the center of the city. The terrain becomes less steep (but still impressive) as you move toward the ocean on the western side of the city. The exception is Golden Gate Park, which is generally flat. The eastern side of the city is also very flat.

The San Andreas Fault actually passes south and west of the city. However, it has become almost inextricably tied to San Francisco due to the 1906 earthquake.

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