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The Idea
Located at the intersection of Corbett Avenue and Glendale Street (in the Park District,) the Native American Cultural Center has been serving the needs of San Francisco’s Native American community since 1964. This 1-story building is square, but has an open, central garden that is visible from anywhere inside. When not at his job, Bernard Mingan can usually be found in the central garden, teaching the children of the community about the ways of the Ohlone.

Aside from the garden, the center contains a number of examples of Native American arts and crafts by local artisans. Visitors are encouraged to take the time to admire their work, and to learn about the Ohlone and other Native American tribes in California. There are also a number of rooms available for meetings and classes, as well as business offices. The Federation for Native American Rights typically holds meetings here once a month.

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Bernard Mingan

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