Onyx Gate


Building Community

The Idea
Onyx Gate is an occult supply store in Haight-Ashbury run by Daniel Berresford and his partner, Jamal Walker. The store, and its co-owners, have been a staple in the neighborhood for almost ten years now. It’s located at the intersection of Frederick and Cole streets, and is a converted 2-story row house. Daniel and Jamal use the ground floor for business, and the second floor for living quarters.

The store has something for upscale hippies, members of the supernatural community, and tourists alike. Spend some time wandering among the crystals, candles, amulets, incense, tarot card decks, oils, and literature on a variety of belief systems and practices. Or, if you’re a member of the supernatural community, ask Daniel or Jamal if you can see what’s in back. The back of the store is used for both serious practitioner’s supplies, and as a meeting place for members of the supernatural community.

Though not as popular as City Lights (perhaps because it doesn’t have a coffee bar,) Onyx Gate is becoming an alternate gathering place for the “have-nots” of the supernatural community. The Ordo Chroma holds meetings here.

The Face
Daniel Berresford and Jamal Walker

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Onyx Gate

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