The Boneyard


Some Things Should Stay Buried

The Idea
Located in the Tenderloin, this is a seedy occult supply store wedged between a disreputable hotel and a run-down liquor store. The grime on the exterior facade of the building is so thick it almost hides the brick. There’s a large plate glass window that’s streaked and dirty as well, but still lets you see the small display space within. Beside the display window is a beaten up but still functional door with its own bar covered window. “The Boneyard” is stenciled on the door glass in peeling letters.

The Boneyard caters to the darker side of the supernatural community. Minor talents and mundane groupies flock there to buy generally overpriced and worthless chunks of crystal or other paraphernalia. What most of the shoppers who crowd into his store don’t know is that Dominic Spenser, the owner, is in fact a real warlock. For those in the know, and for the right amount of money, Spenser will be happy to get you that item you need to nish your latest curse or cast that spell to ruin someone’s day. Spenser also sometimes buys rare and precious items, if the price is a steal.

The Face
Dominic Spenser

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The Boneyard

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