Venatori Umbrorum

The “Hunters of Shadows” (also sometimes translated “Shadows of the Hunters”) are one of two secret organizations in San Francisco, the other is the Ordo Malleus. Their membership, methods, and locations are largely unknown, but what is generally known is that they are a secular, mundane organization that is dedicated to combating supernatural threats.

They have been described as “like the Masons, but with more flamethrowers,” but that description isn’t strictly accurate. While they have armed assets, their preferred methods involve using political influence, connections, and insider knowledge to hinder the activities of their chosen targets. The Venatori have been credited with freezing bank accounts, cutting supply lines, exposing mundane collaborators, and even going so far as assassination or kidnapping. They also use their global membership as an efficient and focused intelligence machine; it is a rare occasion that they are taken by surprise.

Although they are assumed to be the CEOs, Presidents and Owners of the world, the Venatori seem to be egalitarian in their membership. Anyone can be a member if they are willing to dedicate themselves to the mission. In San Francisco, if you want to get the attention (and possible assistance) of the Venatori, you need to see Connor Bevan. Connor is the Director of the Nob Hill Masonic Center. It isn’t clear if he is an actual member of the Venatori, but he seems able to get their attention.

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Venatori Umbrorum

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